Executive Summary

Ralf S. Engelschall is a 45-year old independent Computer Scientist, Line Manager, Solution Engineer and Software Artist, living with his wife and three children in Munich, Germany. He has 31 years of computing, 28 years of software development, over 25 years of Unix operating system and Internet networking and 17 years of line and project management experience.


He is the author of the book Apache Desktop Reference, author of over a dozen IT magazine articles and author of three dozen widespread Open Source software components, including the popular Apache mod_rewrite and mod_ssl extensions, the GNU Portable Threads and GNU Portable Shell Tool, the OSSP software component collection, and the comprehensive OpenPKG cross-platform multi-instance Unix software packaging solution.


Beside being the founder of the popular Open Source software projects OpenSSL, OpenPKG and OSSP, since over a decade he is an active developer in the Apache, FreeBSD and GNU projects. Additionally, he is founder and president of the OpenPKG Foundation e.V. and founder and managing director of the OpenPKG GmbH.


As a success-oriented person he enjoys to adopt new technology challenges and looking beyond the ordinary when developing solutions. He especially is known in the world-wide Open Source software community for his unique passion and steadiness to design, architect, implement and publish popular Unix software components which are accredited by experts to have a unique balance of both technical functionality and artistic aesthetics.


His preferred work assignment consists of the roles Methods Engineer, Software Architect, Project Manager and Principal Consultant in challenging software development environments where his personal key competence areas are invaluable and profitable: Software Engineering Methodology, Project Management, Open Source Software, Unix Server Computing, Internet Networking Technologies, Cryptography and Web Technologies.