Open Source Community

Cross-Platform Unix Software Packaging Facility

OpenPKG provides a true cross-platform multiple-instance packaging facility for Unix Open Source Software. OpenPKG is a large-scale project and mature technology since over 10 years now. I'm the founder, principal architect and author of mostly all of the over 1000 OpenPKG packages. Additionally, I'm the founder of the corporation OpenPKG GmbH and the association OpenPKG Foundation e.V.

Unix Software Technologies

OSSP is where all my major Unix development efforts are taken place. It is the umbrella for lots of individual software components. OSSP is a large-scale project running since many years and although it is still not complete, some of its components are already mature technologies since years. I'm the founder, principal architect and author of mostly all of the two dozen OSSP components.

Unix Operating System

The FreeBSD project provides an advanced Unix-style operating system derived from the original BSD, the Unix developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large team of individuals of which I'm a member since we had 386bsd/0.1+pk0.2.4 over one decade ago. FreeBSD is the project where I regularily spent my time helping out here and there.

GNU's Not Unix

GNU is the project from the Free Software Foundation, launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-style operating system and made popular through its out-standing stand-alone Unix components like the GNU compiler collection (GCC), the Bison Yacc-derivate, the Flex Lex-derivate, the Emacs editor, etc. I'm the author of the two GNU components GNU Portable Threads (pth) and GNU Portable Shell Tool (shtool).


The Apache HTTP server project provides the world's most versatile and mature Web server. This project is where I spent many years in the past developing web server components. I'm the author of the mod_ssl, mod_rewrite and mod_so modules and of the Apache 1.3 configuration mechanism (APACI).

Cryptography and SSL/TLS Toolkit

OpenSSL is the world's most popular, mature and self-contained toolkit for cryptography functions and the SSL/TLS security protocol. Although named after its popular use for implementing SSL/TLS, OpenSSL is a fully generic cryptography toolkit. OpenSSL was originally derived from the excellent SSLeay toolkit. I'm one of the founders of the OpenSSL project.

Over the last 17 years I've written really lots of more Unix software and most of it was publically available at that time. Unfortunately, over the years old software becomes obsolete, no longer interesting, etc. Some of them are not even any longer available anywhere. Nevertheless, here are just a few of the already forgotten names of software components from the past: UUPoll, ePerl, gFONT, NLP, SMTPclient, LCWA, Slice, SMake, etc.